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Future-oriented online strategy delivered fast. Based in Konz (Trier, Germany). Work & travel to Antwerp, Berlin, Frankfurt, Luxembourg, Europe. Talk to me.

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I am available for hire as a freelancer or part time inhouse consultant. As an independent advisor, backup, and a proven closer I provide guidance and support to organizations, corporate clients and individuals.

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Thomas Winterstetter

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Thomas Werner Winterstetter


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Education and International Experience


International experience

Professional Experience

Representative, fashion industry

1983-1988: sole representative of italian and british fashion labels in Germany, Switzerland, Austria.

Head of distribution, fashion industry

1986-1988: sales manager (West-Europe, North-America) and unit director for a german designer label near Hamburg, Germany.

Executive, furniture industry

1989-1996: wholesale and retail of style international furniture (USM Haller, Vitra, Vitsoe) with my own small business in Frankfurt am Main.

Internet consultant (freelance)

1997 - to date: concept, planning and implementation of online communications. Professional website development to support small business long-term.

Project management, business guide & sherpa

2007 - to date: guidance to organizations, corporate clients and individuals as an independent adviser, backup, and proven closer. Managing and leading communications and sales through consulting, coaching and planning.

Business consultant (freelance)

2009 - to date: business consulting for small business (SMB)

Technical Skills

Conceptual skills

Interpersonal skills

Empathetic. Open minded. Progressive.

Work / life balance

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Fee / Salary

I am interested in work as a freelancer, contractor or an inhouse consultant on a commensurate budget (compensation package). A phone call & offer letter is appreciated.


Detailed and precise; fastidious and thorough. Critical thinker - strong analytical skills; accurate and probing. Resilient and thorough - detached and unemotional. Sensitive and patient interpersonal and communications skills. Teaching and helping people. High integrity and honesty; ethical and socially aware.

Available for hire


Relationship is a strong, deep, or close association or acquaintance between two or more people. If you feel like talking give me a telephone call: +49-174-6551981 or send your message to thomas@winterstetter.online — I’ll be in touch.

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Online terms: available for hire, change management, connecting business partners, experts & specialists, data & digital services, decision making, digital agency, digitalization, digital marketing officer, disruption / disruptive technology, freelance / self-employed freelancer, forward thinking, first class, hidden champions, high profile professional, immediate help & support

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Cutting edge: consulting & support network (giving of a professional opinion regarding the substance or procedure of an issue in relation to a particular factual situation / i. e. as business partner); expert, extreme, radical & versatile, predictive maintenance, rapid response, shelter & security, special issues & topics, urgent emergency

[To hire] specialist

Fast & light: conversion manager, consultant, customer acquisition management, customer happiness, interim manager, real estate marketing, online professional since 1996, independent research, search engine marketing


Acronym jungle unpacked. CH²: customer happyness is the one thing that counts in the end. CMS: content management system, the CMS is a solution for content management including organising, publishing, editing. PageRank: (PR) is an algorithm used by Google Search to rank websites in their search engine results. SEA: advertising in the search results with AdWords & Bing Ads. RWD: responsive web design / web designer. SEO: optimization of a webpage for search engines (Bing, Google). UX: user experience is concerned with the way a user interacts with a website.

Digital Lëtzebuerg

Letzland's ICT sector is a hub for IT and communications, as well as environmental technology, biotechnology, logistics & financial services companies. Luxembourg-Kirchberg: institutions of national importance in Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Esch-Belval: New Belval & Belval Campus near Esch-sur-Alzette. Bertrange: (Bartringen, Mamer, Strassen) Luxembourg's largest shopping centres: La Belle Etoile & City Concorde. Banks & insurance companies in this area: BIL, ING, BGL BNP Paribas, Raiffeisen, Vivium, Garanti Bank, DZ Privatbank, CBP, KBL. Grevenmacher: office space for rent in Luxembourg. Wasserbillig & Weiswampach: rent furnished office space Luxembourg. Serviced office space for rent in Luxembourg. Communities & Districts: Bettembourg, Capellen, Clerf, Diekirch, Dippach, Dudelange, Ettelbruck, Mersch, Pétange, Schifflange, Steinsel, Vianden, Weiswampach, Wiltz. Belgium (Belgique): Antwerpen, Anvers.

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