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Reputation, Ranking & SEO Services: Reputation Marketing & Reputation Management Agency, Online Reputation Manager (Advisor Solo Consultant Freelance): Available for work & travel in Europe

Executive Summary: Reputation Marketing Strategy Expert | Reputation Management Agency | Online Reputation Manager ORM for hire - Berlin & Frankfurt (Germany), Luxembourg & Trier, Milano (Italy), Paris (France)


Reputation: Consulting, Management & Marketing, Special Issues Consulting Services

Mental energy & determination vs. fame, greed & self-importance

The value of ranking, reliability & reputation | Digital Scoring Systems: Social Credit Score System

E-Réputation: Présence dans les classements Google +, Tripadvisor, Booking, Yelp | Stratégie Web Marketing & Analyse Online: Qualité, Management des équipes, Service client | Avis, Étoiles & Commentaires positifs | Conversation Marketing

Nothing really wrong here, other than being a little on the simple side.

Wishful thinking and expected quality: confidence, trust & validity → the trustworthiness & prestige of agency, experts & specialists, top-consultants, online reputation managers & the web reputation agency. Branding (Personal Branding, Self-Branding, Self Presentation & Impression Management, Self Disclosure) and how to not damage image & reputation. Reputation risk & reputation strategy. The reputational path. Self-worth and status. True and tried. Who’s to trust in this room?

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Thomas Winterstetter

Direction & guidance to organizations, corporate clients & individuals. Experienced decision maker offering some perspective. Independent adviser, backup, & proven closer. Crisis & issue management.




Value-based pricing. Independent, fee-based, fee-only work. I charge clients a flat rate advisory fee (one-time purchase) or a week rate or work on retainer (abonnement / subscription service) or pro bono. Package deal, professional courtesies, repeat business, repeat clients & customers. Face to face is best, rush orders possible. Price plus taxes (value-added tax) where applicable.

Work & Travel

Berlin & Frankfurt (Germany), Luxembourg & Trier, Milano (Italy), Paris (France)
I do work and travel as a freelance solo consultant & advisor in Europe. Languages: English, french, german, italian speaker based in Germany near Luxembourg (Europe). Main service-area business (backup & consultations): Berlin & Frankfurt (Germany), Luxembourg & Trier, Milano (Italy), Paris (France)

Work & Travel in Europe

Amsterdam, Antwerpen, Berlin, Brussels (Bruxelles), Cologne (Köln), Düsseldorf, Davos, Esch (Alzette, Belval), Forte dei Marmi (Versilia), Frankfurt, Genève, Luxembourg City (Ville de Luxembourg), Milano (Mailand), Paris, Prague, The Hague (Den Haag), Trier, Vienna, Zürich. Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands (Nederland, Niederlande), Sardegna (Italy), Sicilia (Italy), Switzerland (Schweiz, Suisse)
Clients’ line of business (LOB) | Industry & professional field of service | Target audience | Target market

Focus & Insight | Professional Services & Solutions

Meta Strategy Advisor

Meta Consultancy Consultant Consulting, Meta Strategies (Meta-Strategie)

Meta Advisor Advisory, Meta-Berater, Meta-Beratung, Metaberatung, Meta-Consultancy, Meta-Consultant, Meta-Consulting, Meta Counsel, Meta Planning | Meta Strategies (Meta-Strategie, Metastrategie) | Expertenberatung & Meta-Expertise | Agence Meta, Cabinet de Conseil & Consigliere | Neuromarketing

Stichwörter: Dynamische Komplexität, Systemisches Denken, Individualität vs. Subjektivität: Beziehungen von menschlichen Individuen zu sich. Fragen zu Lebensführung & Geschäftsführung. Persuasive communications & persuasive presentations: Eric Oliver: Meta Systems Training.

In life we often have to do things that just are not our bag.

  • Lebenskunst (Momentum & Emotion)
    • Autarkie (Sich-selbst-genügen)
      • Gerechtigkeit, Gemeinschaft und glückliches Leben
      • Selbstständigkeit bzw. Sich-selbst-Genügen
      • Selbsttechniken (Selbstbefragung)
        • Selbstzweifel (Self-Doubt: When everybody else is confused, who is not confused?)
    • Strategie bei Aufgaben mit dynamischer Komplexität: Beispiel: Change Management
  • Beratung, Managementberatung, Metaberatung, Metaberater, Meta-Intuition
    • Creative Director: Evaluating other people’s work
    • Executive Solutions, Expert Solutions
  • Erkenntnis (Expertenwissen & Wissenscode, Idiosynkrasie, autopoietische Basisoperation [Anschlussfähigkeit: Selbstbezüglichkeit, Selbstreferenzialität, Autoreferenzialität]) ist beobachterabhängig
  • Handlungs­kompetenzen: Fertigkeit der Selbstführung
  • Selbst-Expertentum, Selbstorganisation, das unternehmerische Selbst
  • Systemisches Denken, eine Ordnung sehen, etwas in Ordnung bringen
    • Der Weg zu wohldefinierter Regelmäßigkeit
    • Potenzial & Potenzialanalyse (Evaluation System)
    • Meta-Strategie (Metastrategie)
    • Stress Test & Stress Management (Interim Executive)

Reputation Marketing & Reputation Management - Berlin & Frankfurt (Germany), Luxembourg & Trier, Milano (Italy), Paris (France)

It’s as if people are more interested in sounding smart than being right. It should be interestedness, organized scepticism & discernment.

  • Reputation Marketing & Reputation Management
  • Advisory, reputation services & reputation support
  • Credibility & diplomacy
    • agency, agents & proxy
    • brand integrity, credibility & authenticity
    • credibility marketing
      • competence
    • factors that influence credibility
      • evaluation heuristics of ranking systems
      • guidance & worldwide reputation
      • high credibility
      • intellectual authority (high performers)
      • management quality & leadership
    • insiders & company
      • authoritative connoisseur / expert judge in a domain
        • advanced knowledge
        • conversations of experts in the field
        • emulation → admiration, applause, congratulations, degrees, diplomas, patents, prizes → authority, prestige, qualifications & reputation
        • well-informed advances & hypotheses
      • eloquence & verbosity
        • succinctness: short, succinct sentences
    • luxe & luxury, prime & premium
      • shopping habits, and the definition of service and luxury
      • 100-point scale rating system / 5 star reviews / bad references
        • discernment / judgement
        • hierarchy of values & comparative modes

Why Facts Don’t Change Our Minds: New discoveries about the human mind show the limitations of reason. — Elizabeth Kolbert

Ranking & Reputation Services

Reputation Management Strategy

  • Advisor
    • Counsel
      • Négociateur et médiateur confirmé
      • Creating a Public Persona
    • Google Seo Ranking
      • professionally written and edited bio for the brand / personality
      • public relations & influence strategies
        • client image and reputation
      • strategic consulting and positioning
  • Strategy Consultant: Digital Strategy Consulting
    • Strategy & Development

Service Area Business: Amsterdam, Antwerpen, Berlin, Brussels (Bruxelles), Cologne (Köln), Düsseldorf, Davos, Esch (Alzette, Belval), Forte dei Marmi (Versilia), Frankfurt, Genève, Luxembourg City (Ville de Luxembourg), Milano (Mailand), Paris, Prague, The Hague (Den Haag), Trier, Vienna, Zürich. Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands (Nederland, Niederlande), Sardegna (Italy), Sicilia (Italy), Switzerland (Schweiz, Suisse)

La classe non è acqua! Confidence & trust: the trustworthiness of online experts & agencies.

Qu’est-ce que la confiance?

The Definitive Guide to Online Reputation Management

Ask for help if necessary

If your online reputation management efforts are not enough to create, protect or restore brand image, request help from a professional (PR / influence manager).

Online-Reputation Strategy Services

  • E-Reputation Manager: Berlin & Frankfurt (Germany), Luxembourg & Trier, Milano (Italy), Paris (France)
    • Boutique Reputation Manager / Consultant
    • Expert E-Reputation
  • Online Reputation Management (Freelancer Strategist ORM)
    • Online Reputation Manager Berlin / Reputationsagentur
    • Online Reputation Manager Frankfurt / Reputationsagentur / Reputationsexperte
    • Online Reputation Manager Luxembourg / Reputationsagentur
    • Online Reputation Manager (ORM) Paris
    • ORM Experts
  • Promotion (Promoter)
  • Reputationsmanagement
    • kompetente Ratgeber als Reputationsmanager / Top-Top-Berater
    • professionelle Hilfe einer erfahrenen Reputationsagentur (Reputationsexperte) in Berlin & Frankfurt (Germany), Luxembourg & Trier, Milano (Italy), Paris (France)
    • Reputation-Management Agentur - Sorgearbeit für Person, Marke, Firma
  • Reputation & Markenbildung, Reputationsberatung
  • Corporate Reputation Manager (Reputationsmarketing)
    • Unternehmensreputation
      • Ansehensverlust / Rufschädigung
      • Falschmeldungen
      • Hierarchie der Glaubwürdigkeit
      • Quellen ohne besondere Reputation
    • Business Development & Kommunikation
    • Reputation & Macht (Reputation & Power)
      • Messbarkeit von Verhalten, automatisierte Auswertung, Rückkopplung, Effizienz
  • digitale Reputation im Netz
    • Kompetenz / Kompetenzberatung
    • Personal Reputation Management Agentur / Agenturen
    • Corporate Reputation Management Agentur / Agenturen
    • Reputationsrisiken: Bewertungen (5 Sterne oder Null Sterne), Referenzen, Reviews oder Erfahrungsberichte von Kunden und Mitarbeitern
      • professionelle Gesprächsführung mit Beteiligten
      • Unterlassung, Berichtigung und Gegendarstellung

If you can write markup, you don’t need Medium or Twitter or Instagram. Use smart power to influence Google’s algorithms.

Ansehen, Ruf, Verdienst & Talent

  • Agentur (ORM Agency, ORM Agentur), Analyse, Beratung, Reputationsstrategie (E-Reputations-Strategie)
  • Bewertungssystem: Social Credit Score System
  • Selbstdarstellung und der Umgang mit Menschen
    • bessere Chancen auf Spitzenpositionen in Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft
      • Elitepositionen / Schlüsselpositionen
      • Karrierechancen
      • Leistungsvoraussetzungen
    • Intelligenz
    • kulturelle Bezugspunkte
    • Orientierung / Gültigkeit
    • sozialer Hintergrund
    • Talent
    • Urteilsvermögen

Projekthaftigkeit: Sich-besser-Verkaufen, gelingende Selbst-Verwertung

Heute legen sich alle zum Geldverdienen als Beute aus, und das wird professionelles Verhalten genannt. — Marlene Streeruwitz 2016


Karl Marx: Der Fetischcharakter der Ware und sein Geheimnis

Als Warenfetisch (auch Warenfetischismus) bezeichnet Karl Marx in seinem Hauptwerk Das Kapital (1867) das quasireligiöse dingliche Verhältnis zu Waren.

Focus | Insight | Professional Solutions & Services

Boutique Consulting Agency

  • Digitalagentur
  • Online Communications
  • Reputation Advertising & Marketing
  • Websites
    • Workflows, toolchains, development methods: how to make valid websites for individuals (SOLO), experts & specialists, professionals (PRO)

Reputation is a mix of craft, science, storytelling, propaganda, philosophy, and sane judgement.


A one-time consultation can change everything.