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Independent contractor working for clients, tackling particular jobs or projects that require special expertise.

Thomas Winterstetter

November 22, 2017

Antwerpen, Berlin, Frankfurt, Luxembourg, Paris, Trier, Koblenz, Konz: Independent Private Advisor: better choices with an emphasis on functionality, consistency and simplicity

Private Advisors, Private Consultants, Independent Private Consulting in in Antwerpen, Berlin, Frankfurt, Luxembourg, Paris


  • Digitalagentur Digitalagentur für Digitalisierung & Online-Kommunikation in Konz nahe Trier & Luxembourg
  • Freier Unternehmensberater Strategieberatung / Freier Unternehmensberater Digitalisierung nahe Trier & Luxembourg
  • Internetagentur Internetagentur / Webagentur in Konz nahe Trier & Luxembourg
  • Landingpage Digitale Kaltakquise mit perfekter Landingpage. Webdesigner in Konz nahe Trier & Luxembourg
  • Online-Marketing Online-Marketing Agentur / Inbound-Marketing Spezialist in Konz nahe Trier & Luxembourg
  • Webdesigner Freiberuflicher Webdesigner nahe Trier & Luxembourg


  • About me CV, Profile, Resumé
  • Business Advisor Business Advisor / Digital Business Consultant for hire in Antwerpen, Berlin, Frankfurt, Luxembourg, Paris
  • Conversion Marketing Conversion Marketing: Conversion Optimization & Content Marketing. Web Agency near Luxembourg
  • Digital Practice Digital Practice: Digital Consultancy / Digital Expert in Antwerpen, Berlin, Frankfurt, Luxembourg, Paris
  • Pricing / Preise Honorar + Preise: Unternehmensberatung zu Strategie & Digitalisierung
  • Private Advisor Private Advisor, Independent Private Consultant in Antwerpen, Berlin, Frankfurt, Luxembourg, Paris
  • Relationship Marketing Client Relationship Management & Marketing: Web Design for Banking, Investment, Consulting, Wealth Management
  • Strategy Consulting Strategy Consulting / Digital Strategy Advisor for hire in Antwerpen, Berlin, Frankfurt, Luxembourg, Paris

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Professional Consulting, Advisory Professionals

No, this is not about another private adviser offering a broad range of services to private clients, institutions and corporations. In the words of Merlin Mann: So, yes. I am cutting way back on trips to the steam table of half-finished, half-useful, half-ideas that I both make and consume.

Brevity, speed, and essence! The long-term effect of better choices can be surprisingly positive.

As a private advisor you identify a customer’s needs and transform them into the right solutions. On a daily basis, on short call.

Specialist Advisory Services

  • Servicing Priorities
    • Business advisory
      • Positive Change (Ageing, Conflict)
      • Corporate individual
      • People (Human Resources, Professionals, Staff, Talent)
      • Technology & infrastructure (Internet, Smartphone & Digitalization)
    • Complexity (versus Concentration)
    • Expertise (External Expert, General Counsel, Senior Advisor)
    • Lightness!
    • Smart (Online) Communications

Il Nuovo Stile - Personal Advisor, Private Client Advisor

Top 10: Best Locations in Europe / To recognize genius and make it feel understood

  • Antwerpen, Berlin, Frankfurt, Luxembourg, Paris, Trier
  • Germany
    • Authority
    • Engineering
    • Made in Germany
  • France
  • Italy
    • Art, Business, Cinema, Editor, Fashion, High Concept Art, Photography, Vogue Italia
    • Made in Italy
  • Luxembourg
  • Switzerland
Thomas Winterstetter

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Fast, efficient & reliable.



Private Guide

I will find a knowledgeable, local guide in Antwerpen, Berlin, Frankfurt am Main, Luxembourg, Paris

  • Languages spoken: Deutsch: (fluent), English (fluent), French (Basic), Italiano: (fluent)

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Private Advisers with a concentration / specialisation

Consulting / Troubleshooter

Online expertise since 1996

Help for hire

To fight the tiger, you must be real quick. But to fight the elephant, you must be precise and patient. Let me help.

Thomas Winterstetter

Private Advisor, Independent Private Consulting, Personal Adviser

Business Advisor / Independent Business Advisory for hire

Business Consultant / Independent Business Consulting for hire

Available for hire around, local, nearby, near me / near you, in the region of Antwerpen, Berlin, Frankfurt, Luxembourg, Paris, Trier

Available for hire in Communities & Districts in Luxembourg

Available for hire in Belgium (Belgique)

Available for hire in France

Available for hire in Deutschland (Made in Germany)

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