Private Advisor

Thomas Winterstetter

Thomas Winterstetter

Service-Area Business: Antwerpen, Berlin, Frankfurt am Main, Luxembourg, Milano, Paris & Trier

Private Advisor available for hire, Private Consulting, Personal Adviser & Private Guide in Frankfurt, Luxembourg & Paris

You always have a chance. As a private advisor I guide & help clients in Frankfurt, Luxembourg & Paris making consistently effective choices. Thinking one’s own long-term solutions. Tiny changes, big benefits.

Private Advisor in Frankfurt, Luxembourg & Paris

Private Consultant

Understanding process. Better choices with an emphasis on functionality, consistency and simplicity. Change. Guidance. Logical, linguistic & mechanical skills for doing work i. e. in a digital context. Better psycho-physical experiences & less disaster.

Private Advisor & Consultant, Personal Adviser & Guide - Frankfurt, Luxembourg & Paris

I’m beginning to be able to teach myself. When I’m a mess, I don’t have to stay there. I move. Released, lighter, more relaxed. In Frankfurt, Luxembourg & Paris.

Specialist Advisory Services

  • Servicing Priorities
    • Business advisory
      • Positive Change (Ageing, Conflict)
      • Corporate Individual
      • People (Family Office, Human Resources, Professionals, Staff, Talent)
      • Technology & infrastructure (Internet, Smartphone & Digitalization)
    • Complexity (versus Concentration)
    • Expertise (External Expert, General Counsel, Senior Advisor, Senior Consultant)
    • Lightness!

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Private Mentor

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Primary Control

Online Home Income

Private Consultant

Private Guide



Ageing: The puzzle of aging

Anti-Aging. Ways to slow ageing. While aging is not a disease, it does drive disease.

For himself, Kaeberlein’s practice is simple. Practical. He tries to eat healthy foods and exercise regularly. “I’ve gotten better on that than I used to be. I also don’t smoke and I try not to drink too much,” he says. “Those are things that we know with some certainty give you the best chance of living a long, healthy life.” — Hannelore Sudermann on pathologist Matt Kaeberlein

Private Advisor: Ageing Strategies, Tips & Tricks

Everyday life

The core of our own practice

Ideology, belief, customs, self-chosen form made of habits & rules. Habits don’t come in a vacuum. They come through history, experience & trauma and may develop as a defense. Doing the wrong thing must stop.

  • To know oneself
  • The art of living
    • Idiorrhythmy (idiorrhythmic clusters)
    • Habitus
  • Informed by thinking (research, sources & findings)

What resolve comes from this fact? Can we change it? Or can we not change it. And the answer gives me the direction which I follow. Not what I like … — Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

Home Income

  • Counting on a job after a career
  • Coaching
  • Teaching

Opening up eyes

  • No way out, one way out
    • What’s our next move? You tell me …
  • Pension
  • Retirement
  • Transformation, transform yourself, personal transformation
    • A contemporary sensibility
    • Performance
    • Self-direction, self-initiated learning
      • Thinking about your future
        • Who you are as a person, a different person
        • What other recourse do I have
  • Vocation


  • Income, making money
  • Communicate clearly & pleasantly, expertise & spontaneity
    • Negotiation skills
      • Negotiating and listening
    • Telephone conversations
    • Obligation-free consulting session
  • Strategizing things
    • Light up shit yourself
    • the obligation to yourself to move on

Consulting & Agism: merely having skills will not be enough

A beginning consultant brings skills, an experienced consultant brings value.

You must be able to demonstrate, in every interaction with management, how your thinking will help the organization recruit new members, appeal to a new demographic, better assist its customers, increase its earnings.

Eiffel Tower in Paris, France near Jardin du Luxembourg - Frankfurt, Luxembourg & Paris

Eiffel Tower in Paris, France near Jardin du Luxembourg

Paris, France: Private Advisor Insider Tips & Annotations 2018

  • Privileged Knowledge (Psychophysical congruence, a balance between anxiety and calm)
  • Coworking: Deskopolitan, Rue du Château d’Eau (Republique)
  • [Eating Food in Paris]
  • Furniture
    • Galerie Patrick Seguin, 5 Rue des Taillandiers, 75011 Paris
    • Silvera, 41 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine, 75011 Paris
  • Hotel in Paris
    • Shangri-La Hotel
  • Jazz: John Coltrane My Favorite Things (1961) [Full album]
  • Jüdisches Paris
    • Alexander Kluy: Jüdisches Paris
      • Iris Hartl: Flanieren an der Seine: Ein neues Taschenbuch lädt zu [Spaziergängen durch das jüdische Paris](,&iris&hartl9
      • Ingeborg Waldinger: Die Stadt als Buch der Welt - Der deutsche Autor Alexander Kluy hat das jüdische Paris erkundet - und eine Kartographie des Flüchtigen erstellt
  • A Breakdown of the Paris Arrondissements by a Sassy New Yorker
    • Quarters of Paris
    • Property Rental in Paris. Find short term apartment / appartment.
  • Velo: La Chouette - Rue du Château d’Eau (Republique)

Pricing / Advisory Fee

Value-based pricing: I charge a flat rate or a day rate or work on retainer. As agreed upon before a job starts. Professional courtesies. Rush orders possible when worth my while. Price plus taxes (value-added tax) where applicable.

Ask me anything

Thomas Winterstetter

To fight the tiger, you must be real quick. But to fight the elephant, you must be precise and patient. As a professional problem solver I offer backup, skills, support & value. What can I help you with?


— Thomas Winterstetter
Service-Area Business: Berlin, Frankfurt, Luxembourg, Paris & Trier

Private Advisor, Personal Adviser & Guide:

Business Advisor / Independent Business Advisory for hire

Business Consultant / Independent Business Consulting for hire

Available for hire around, local, nearby, near me / near you, in the region of Frankfurt, Luxembourg & Paris

Available for hire in Communities & Districts in Luxembourg

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