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Thomas Winterstetter

Thomas Winterstetter

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Marketing to increase conversions

Increase Google’s confidence about the quality of data it receives about your business. Improve & reinforce your info to Google. Then start a conversation with your audience.

Conversion Marketing: Digital Growth, Konversion, Webanalyse

Personal expertise is a strong signal

Conversion Marketing, Growth Marketing, Performance Marketing. Authenticity. Use of data (Aggregation: Twitter is listening) plus original content. Personality. Karma. Sense of agency (SA). Microinteraction.

Conversion Marketing Expert Specialist

Increase Google’s confidence about the quality of data it receives about your business. Improve & reinforce your info to Google. Then start a conversation with your audience.

Segment specialist in digital marketing

Conversion Marketing removes the obstacles. All of them, fast. Conversion Marketing manages incremental updates the right way. Authority, Depth, thoughtfulness, perseverance. Return on Investment (Roi) through conversion rate optimization (Cro). Website Conversions. Google PageRank Score / RankBrain: rank Page 1, have CTA and conversions. Rank like a boss: provide Searcher Task Accomplishment. Keep Signal:Noise Ratio tight. Become a Conversion Engineer.

Definition: Conversion in Digital Marketing

In electronic commerce, conversion marketing is the act of marketing with the intention of increasing conversions, that is, site visitors who are paying customers. The process of improving the conversion rate is called conversion rate optimization.

Principles Of Conversion Content Marketing

Topic Clusters Over Keywords

  • Better Conversion Rates Depend on Better Website Design
  • Click-Through-Rate (CTR)
  • Conversion-Centered Web Design
  • Conversion Content Marketing
  • Conversion Marketing Communications
  • Grow content conversion marketing by constantly addressing new niches, new issues, new applications, new verticals, etc., where your expertise can deliver value—and gently connect the dots to your products and services
  • High converting websites
  • High Quality Content Pages
  • How to design for conversions
  • Lead Conversion Strategies (Lead Generation)
  • Sales Conversion
  • Website Conversion Design - Frankfurt, Luxembourg & Paris

Content Marketing

  • Audiences are searching content before audiences read content
  • Data-driven digital marketing understands that audiences extrapolate from incomplete data
  • On-site search (internal search) is part of the digital shopping experience
    • On-site search optimization

Google-focused Seo / Google Search Optimization

  • Schema markup
  • Structured content
    • Lists
    • Quality links
    • Tables

Content, Data, Digital Growth


















Strategic Alliances


Relationship Building

Conversion Design

Conversion Opportunity


Business Prosperity

Conversational Marketing

New lead generation strategy, generating qualified leads for Sales

Conversational marketing replaces forms and follow-ups with real-time, one-to-one conversations. With conversational marketing platforms thousands of businesses are transforming their marketing with real-time one-on-one conversations and chatbots. Interaction with prospects, communication with customers, knowledgable & responsive sales team, answers in real-time.

How exactly do Conversions look like?

  • Contact form submission
  • Quote request form submission
  • Phone call
  • Text message
  • Chat
  • Appointment booking
  • Newsletter signup
  • E-commerce purchase

What To Do With Conversational Marketing

  1. Write relevant content
  2. Use a Playbook for conversations to qualify leads.
  3. Review your metrics

Pricing / Advisory Fee

Value-based pricing: I charge a flat rate or a day rate or work on retainer. As agreed upon before a job starts. Professional courtesies. Rush orders possible when worth my while. Price plus taxes (value-added tax) where applicable.

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Service-Area Business: Berlin, Frankfurt, Luxembourg, Paris & Trier

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