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Career, business, founder, sales: talk to a consultant. Seek advice from a one-to-one conversation. It’s more efficient than Google. I charge a fair price. Work & travel to Antwerpen, Berlin, Frankfurt, Luxembourg.

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Thomas Winterstetter ➤ Business Consultant, Internet Advisor, Troubleshooting.
Career, business, founder, sales: business & management consulting.

Luxembourg, Frankfurt, Berlin: Business Consultant & Digital Advisor, Strategy & Troubleshooting

Backup, consulting, troubleshooting. Antwerpen, Berlin, Frankfurt, Luxembourg, Europe.

B2B / B2C / SMB


Performance fuels customer experience. Understand your buyer's journey: turn affinity into leads and sales. I will listen to you and give you an easy-to-understand strategy to fix your problems. I am ready when you are.


Business Consulting: management consulting key terms & glossary

What clients and prospects are asking for

  • Business consultants strategy consulting: Berlin, Frankfurt, Luxembourg
  • Business consulting (answers, relationships, solutions, strategies): Berlin, Frankfurt, Luxembourg
  • Business acquisition
  • Client acquisition, existing and new clients and prospects, marketing and acquisition of clients
  • Management consulting
  • Retrofitting the engagement and delivery model
  • Support requests
  • Trusted advisor to principals, strategies for growth and tactics to expand
  • Value based fees

Small Business Consulting

Innovative business management & marketing services

  • Design and deliver better customer experiences (customer journey mapping)
  • Transformation and solution adoption, understanding the customer journey
I can go nowhere without knowing I have some solid backup. — Keith Richards

Business Consulting Tips 2017

Skills Framework for the Information Age

Levels of responsibility run from level 1 (the most junior) to level 7 (the most senior):

  1. Follow: Basic capability to complete tasks under close supervision. Not expected to use much initiative. Should be organised.

  2. Assist: Uses some discretion and has a wider circle of interaction than level 1, especially in speciality. Works on a range of tasks, and proactively manages personal development.

  3. Apply: Complete work packages with milestone reviews only. Escalates problems under own discretion. Works with suppliers and customers. May have some supervisory responsibility. Performs a broad range of tasks, takes initiative, and schedules own and others work.

  4. Enable: Works under general direction in a framework. Influence at account level, works on a broad range of complex activities. Good level of operational business skills.

  5. Ensure and advise: Broad direction, supervisory, objective setting responsibility. Influences organisation. Challenging and unpredictable work. Self sufficient in business skills.

  6. Initiate and influence: Authority for an area of work. Sets organisational objectives. Influences policy, significant part of organisation, and customers and suppliers at a high level. Highly complex and strategic work. Initiates and leads technical and business change.

  7. Set strategy, inspire, and mobilise: Authority includes setting policy. Makes decisions critical to organisation, influences key suppliers and customers at top level. Leads on strategy. Full range of management and leadership skills.

There is no inherent value in any piece of data because all information is meaningless in itself. Why? Because information doesn’t tell you what to do. — Beau Lotto

Business Troubleshooter

  • Business advisor
  • Business advisory services
  • Business consultant
  • Business expert (distribution, marketing, sales)
  • Business framework
  • Business insider
  • Business management representation service
  • Business performance
  • Business process
  • Business troubleshooter
  • Experienced business leader
  • Fail forward
  • The business and the issues
  • Troubleshooter
  • Unternehmensberater, freier Unternehmensberater
  • Workable solutions appropriate for business and owner

Special services

  • Support staff, confidential assistance
  • Flexible support from case to case


  • Agency, backup, proxy, substitution
  • Emergency aid, contingency management & planning, emergency assistance, makeshift, per-incident support, drop-in service, on-the-spot aid
  • Damage control, issue management, crisis consulting
  • Stress management
  • Troubleshooter, troubleshooting
  • Emergency & extreme situations

Project work

  • Flexible support from case to case


Assistance & backup on fair terms & conditions


Hire help

Phone +49-174-6551981
Email thomas@winterstetter.online


Online marketing custom websites: available for hire, business refactoring, change management, connecting business partners, consultant & consulting, experts & specialists, data & digital services, decision making, digital agency, digitalization, digital marketing officer, disruption & disruptive technology, freelance / self-employed freelancer, high profile professionals, immediate help & support, webdesigner


Internet consulting: consulting & support network (professional opinion: substance or procedure of an issue i. e. as business partner or agent); finance, computer science, machine learning; medical high-tech personalized medicine, predictive maintenance, rapid response, special issues, system performance tuning, urgent emergency webdesigner


Corporate communications: conversion manager, corporate communications, crisis consultant, customer acquisition management, customer happiness, independent contractor, independent research, inbound marketing, information marketing, interim manager, online professionals, premium subscription, search engine marketing

Online Specialist

Information design acronyms. CH²: customer happyness - what counts in the end. CMS: content management system - CMS as solution for content management, organising, publishing, editing. PageRank: (PR) Google Search algorithm to rank websites in search engine results. SEA: advertising in search results with AdWords & Bing Ads. RWD: responsive web design (web designer, webdesigner, custom website design). SEO: optimization of a webpage for search engines like Bing, Google. UX: digital consumer experience / user experience - how a user interacts with a website.

Digital Agency Lëtzebuerg

Letzland's ICT sector: hub for IT and communications, environmental technology, biotechnology, logistics & financial services companies. Luxembourg-Kirchberg: institutions of national importance in Grand Duchy Luxembourg. Esch-Belval: New Belval & Belval Campus in Esch-sur-Alzette. Bertrange: (Bartringen, Mamer, Strassen) Luxembourg's top shopping centres: La Belle Etoile & City Concorde. Banks & insurance companies: BIL, ING, BGL BNP Paribas, Raiffeisen, Vivium, Garanti Bank, DZ Privatbank, CBP, KBL. Grevenmacher: office space for rent in Luxembourg. Wasserbillig & Weiswampach: rent furnished office space Luxembourg. Serviced office space for rent in Luxembourg. Communities & districts: Bettembourg, Born, Capellen, Clerf, Diekirch, Differdange, Dippach, Dudelange, Echternach, Ettelbruck, Hesperange, Kayl, Mamer, Mersch, Pétange, Rosport, Sanem, Schifflange, Steinsel, Vianden, Weiswampach, Wiltz. Belgium (Belgique): Antwerpen, Anvers. Germany: Konz, Trier und Umgebung. Italia: Lussemburgo.

Web Design fir lëtzebuergesche B2B-Clienten

Mir schätzen d’Eegeninitiativ vun engem potentielle Client. Dohir zéckt net, fir eis Är spontan Demande ze schécken. Eng Fro zu eisem Beruff, eise Informatik-Servicer oder eisem Internetsite? Oder just Loscht, eis e klenge Bonjour ze schécken? Mir wäerten Iech esou séier wéi méiglech äntweren an Eng effizient Ënnerstëtzung garantéieren. Grand-Duché de Luxembourg: Mee sinn fir déi eenheemesch Leit do.

Freier Unternehmensberater Consigliere

Thomas Winterstetter, 54329 Konz, Trierer Straße 57, Germany