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  • Business Advisor Internet Digital Business Consultant: for hire in Antwerpen, Berlin, Frankfurt, Luxembourg, Paris
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  • Digital Practice Digital Practice: Digital Consultancy / Digital Expert in Antwerpen, Berlin, Frankfurt, Luxembourg, Paris
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Thomas Winterstetter, Business Advisor Consultant


  1. Artificial intelligence vs. natural stupidity
  2. Courage, Vision & Love
  3. Progression
  4. Direction

Interesting stories are connected to the Future, the Past — and You. They have direction & progression. They share courage, vision & love.

Presenting information through seemingly random plugs of details and data that are collected along the way as you progress through a website is not my preferred way of learning. I structure information (about clients’ products & services) into useful websites that rank well in Google® search index.

The work I do

I am a natural observer. I see things and question them. I continuously search for the correct use of self and optimization — in everything. I share knowledge and experience professionally. Thus I advise and consult clients for a living.

The tools I use

Analysis, communications, online marketing (inbound marketing, organic search engine marketing), research, seo, storytelling (copywriting, content strategy, verbal design), web design (information architecture, information design). I work as a business advisor who designs for the web & does (limited) web development.

What paints the fastest?

As a matter of fact communications require websites. To build websites I use ‹Craft Cms› Content Management System and a framework called ‹Tachyons›. They make components paint faster and that’s what performance is about. My clients’ clients need results fast. I get this.

Advice about a problem. Solid backup. Perspective. I offer a no obligation one-to-one conversation — on short call.

Winning is an all the time thing

Successful career, business & sales. Swinging interested parties into paying customers. I help discerning clients to solve their new business acquisition & online marketing communications themselves. In Antwerpen, Berlin, Frankfurt, Luxembourg, Paris, Trier.

Business Advisor, Private Consulting

Business Advisor, Private Consulting

What I do

Well executed, clean and coherent work with attention to detail, resulting in credible high performance content & information design for small ready business opportunity. Fast, efficient & reliable. As clients buy engagement I focus on proposal, pricing, negotiations, closing and: relationships. Customer relations last, transactions are just one time.

Ask me anything

Thomas Winterstetter

Saying what the thing is and what it does. I’m easy to talk to. I like to help when I can.



Thomas Winterstetter: Business Advisor / Internet Digital Business

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Business Consultant / Independent Business Consulting for hire

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