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Strategic Intuition, Meta Intuition, Meta Consulting, Meta Strategies: Available for work & travel in Europe

Executive Summary: Thomas Winterstetter: Meta Strategy Advisor Consultancy Consultant Consulting - Berlin & Frankfurt (Germany), Luxembourg & Trier, Milano (Italy), Paris (France)


It always takes a crisis to sell good work

Zero Resistance to Change

Decision making as problem solving choices, decision making in the ‘no knowledge’ area, living in the ‘not knowing’

Less to actually do, but more to think about | Meta Advisory | Meta-Consultancy | Meta Strategies | Strategic Consulting → Executive Solutions, Expert Solutions

Realizing that human nature is problematic. A binary worldview does not help. When your personal information network is an echo chamber you lose. Read, write, draw, paint, ask and think. Be articulate, cool, calm, collected.

When you understand what needs to be done, but can never execute it, get backup.

Deal with chaos, complexity & complication. Strive for certainty. Use knowledge (information support) to make strategic decisions. Self-worth & status.

When you have no idea what the idea is: paint a new portrait. The trick is finding your customers (clients) in places you hadn’t thought to look. Think of things before people know they need them. The future can be fixed. Ask for help.

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Thomas Winterstetter

Direction & guidance to organizations, corporate clients & individuals. Experienced decision maker offering some perspective. Independent adviser, backup, & proven closer. Crisis & issue management.




Value-based pricing. Independent, fee-based, fee-only work. I charge clients a flat rate advisory fee (one-time purchase) or a week rate or work on retainer (abonnement / subscription service) or pro bono. Package deal, professional courtesies, repeat business, repeat clients & customers. Face to face is best, rush orders possible. Price plus taxes (value-added tax) where applicable.

Work & Travel

Berlin & Frankfurt (Germany), Luxembourg & Trier, Milano (Italy), Paris (France)
I do work and travel as a freelance solo consultant & advisor in Europe. Languages: English, french, german, italian speaker based in Germany near Luxembourg (Europe). Main service-area business (backup & consultations): Berlin & Frankfurt (Germany), Luxembourg & Trier, Milano (Italy), Paris (France)

Work & Travel in Europe

Amsterdam, Antwerpen, Berlin, Brussels (Bruxelles), Cologne (Köln), Düsseldorf, Davos, Esch (Alzette, Belval), Forte dei Marmi (Versilia), Frankfurt, Genève, Luxembourg City (Ville de Luxembourg), Milano (Mailand), Paris, Prague, The Hague (Den Haag), Trier, Vienna, Zürich. Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands (Nederland, Niederlande), Sardegna (Italy), Sicilia (Italy), Switzerland (Schweiz, Suisse)
Clients’ line of business (LOB) | Industry & professional field of service | Target audience | Target market

Focus & Insight | Professional Services & Solutions

Meta Strategy Advisor

Meta Consultancy Consultant Consulting, Meta Strategies (Meta-Strategie)

Meta Advisor Advisory, Meta-Berater, Meta-Beratung, Metaberatung, Meta-Consultancy, Meta-Consultant, Meta-Consulting, Meta Counsel, Meta Planning | Meta Strategies (Meta-Strategie, Metastrategie) | Expertenberatung & Meta-Expertise | Consigliere | Neuromarketing

Stichwörter: Dynamische Komplexität, Systemisches Denken, Individualität vs. Subjektivität: Beziehungen von menschlichen Individuen zu sich. Fragen zu Lebensführung & Geschäftsführung. Persuasive communications & persuasive presentations: Eric Oliver: Meta Systems Training.

In life we often have to do things that just are not our bag.

  • Lebenskunst
    • Autarkie (Sich-selbst-genügen)
      • Gerechtigkeit, Gemeinschaft und glückliches Leben
      • Selbstständigkeit bzw. Sich-selbst-Genügen
      • Selbsttechniken (Selbstbefragung)
        • Selbstzweifel (Self-Doubt: When everybody else is confused, who is not confused?)
    • Strategie bei Aufgaben mit dynamischer Komplexität: Beispiel: Change Management
  • Beratung, Managementberatung, Metaberatung, Metaberater, Meta-Intuition
    • Creative Director: Evaluating other people’s work
    • Executive Solutions, Expert Solutions
  • Erkenntnis (Expertenwissen & Wissenscode, Idiosynkrasie, autopoietische Basisoperation [Anschlussfähigkeit: Selbstbezüglichkeit, Selbstreferenzialität, Autoreferenzialität]) ist beobachterabhängig
  • Handlungs­kompetenzen: Fertigkeit der Selbstführung
  • Selbst-Expertentum, Selbstorganisation, das unternehmerische Selbst
  • Systemisches Denken, eine Ordnung sehen, etwas in Ordnung bringen
    • Der Weg zu wohldefinierter Regelmäßigkeit
    • Potenzial & Potenzialanalyse (Evaluation System)
    • Meta-Strategie (Metastrategie)
    • Stress Test & Stress Management (Interim Executive)

We are all struggling; none of us has gone far. Let your arrogance go, and look around inside. — Kabir


I work as an independent advisor, consultant, counsel, strategist. Good combinations & matches. Meta strategies. Digital focus & insight.


Anyone who holds a true opinion without understanding is like a blind man on the right road.


For me, knowledge is happiness for me. If I learn something, that makes me happy. — Miles Davis


And how is not this the most reprehensible ignorance, to think that one knows what one does not know? Vermutung (Möglichkeiten, Einbildungskraft) & Wahrscheinlichkeit (Wahrscheinlichkeitskalkül nach den gegebenen Verhältnissen), Zufall, Ungefähr & Glück. Klarheit & Gewißheit. Talentvolle Anwendung weiser Ökonomie.

Structure & function

There is no real difference between structure and function; they are the two sides of the same coin. If structure does not tell us anything about function, it means that we have not looked at it correctly. — Albert Szent-Györgyi 1

Why a website?

I make decisions based upon information. Information needs to be understood in context. Thus a website must give background context about the person & people who act. I want to understand who somebody is and comprehend their bigger picture. It helps me to decide whether I want to talk, walk & work with them.

Building Websites

Building a website as painting a more holistic picture of someone or something is a bit of a challenge. It is the way to go when reaching out to discerning clients & customers.


A one-time consultation can change everything. When you want to talk in confidence, dial my number.