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Thomas Winterstetter

Thomas Winterstetter

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    Business Advisor / Internet Consultant: for hire Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium & France, Italy

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    Conversion Marketing: Conversion Optimization & Content Marketing. Web Agency near Luxembourg

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    Digital Practice: Digital Consultancy / Digital Expert in Antwerpen, Berlin, Frankfurt, Luxembourg, Paris

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    Private Advisor, Independent Consultant for hire: Antwerpen, Berlin, Frankfurt, Luxembourg, Milano, Paris

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    Client Relationship Management & Marketing: Web Design for Banking, Investment, Consulting, Wealth Management

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    Strategy Consulting / Digital Strategy Advisor for hire in Antwerpen, Berlin, Frankfurt, Luxembourg, Paris

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Building structure with framework, methods and mind. Internet services, consulting & design for well-designed websites that load fast on mobile, rank well in Google® search index and spark connection with an audience.

Real communication is one-to-one. Change, bypass, improve. Ship value quickly. Ask me anything.

Thinking more, doing less as an internet advisor / internet consultant / guide & sherpa

  1. Idea
  2. Language
  3. Progression
  4. Direction
  5. Conversation

Business websites tell stories about offerings

The relationship between mind / idea & language lets us form narrative. Like the stories we tell on our websites. 1 We use picture and gesture to communicate ideas about ourselves & the world. Spoken & written words on the other hand require some cooperation between speaker & hearer to shape successful communication. Great stories use direction & progression as not to derange the audience. User experience makes a message understood. Curiosity & conversation turn people into buying customers.

  1. As freelancers (social individuals) we like to position ourselves as experts, professionals, savvy with getting best results, specialists or thought leaders. When offering products for sale or qualified services for hire progress is bound to making mistakes. The main issues are structural. Convenience is a bad advisor, mistaken behaviour must go, sharp thinking needs to become intuition, expertise comes, at a price. Thinkingso we can work on ourselves. ↩︎

Business Advisor & Business Guide - Digital Affairs & Web Issues

Advice about solving a problem. Making consistently demonstrably effective choices. Perspective. Solid backup. I offer a no obligation one-to-one conversation — on short call.

Presenting information through seemingly random plugs of details and data that are collected along the way as you progress through a website is not my preferred way of learning. I structure information (about clients’ products & services) into useful websites that load fast on smartphone, rank well in Google® search index and spark a conversation.

Designing clear signals for the web - customer journey, search engine marketing, user experience design

Designing clear signals for the web - customer journey, search engine marketing, user experience design

The work I do

What one sees must not correspond to an underlying reality. I am a natural observer. I see things and question bad habits. I continuously search for the correct use of self (including the brain) and optimization — in everything. I share knowledge and experience professionally. I advise and consult clients for a living. Creating order from chaos, when I’m lucky.


My concentration is on better choices: digitalization (digitization), disruption & disruptive technology, online communications, online marketing with an emphasis on small business. My concentration is on inhibition (stop doing things wrong) & direction (do the right thing). More flexibility and less pain, more mathematical clarity & simplicity.

The tools I use

Behavioural analysis, communications, online marketing (inbound marketing, organic search engine marketing), research, seo, storytelling (copywriting, content strategy, understanding conversation (marketing) through ideolinguistics, verbal design), web design (information architecture, information design). I work as a business advisor & guide who designs for the web & does (limited) web development.

What paints the fastest?

As a matter of fact communications require websites. To build websites I use Craft Cms as content management system and a framework called Tachyons. Together they make components paint faster and that’s what performance is about. My clients’ clients need results now. I get this.

Winning is an all the time thing

Successful career, business & sales. Swinging interested parties into paying customers. I guide & help discerning clients to solve their new business acquisition & online marketing communications themselves. In Antwerpen, Berlin, Frankfurt, Luxembourg, Milano, Paris, Trier.

Business Advisor, [Private Consulting](/private-advisor) - resist, conquer, govern the online circumstances of your life

Business Advisor, Private Consulting - resist, conquer, govern the online circumstances of your life

What I do

Well executed, clean and coherent work with attention to detail, resulting in credible high performance content & information design for small ready business opportunity. Fast, efficient & reliable. As clients buy engagement I focus on proposal, pricing, negotiations, closing and: relationships. Customer relations last, transactions are just one time.

Ask me anything

Thomas Winterstetter

To fight the tiger, you must be real quick. But to fight the elephant, you must be precise and patient. Tackle a problem now? Need backup? The fresh eyes of an outside expert. Professional problem solver. Straightforward quick wins. Talk to me.



Thomas Winterstetter: Business Internet Advisor / Internet Consultant

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Business Consultant / Independent Business Consulting for hire

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