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Strategic Intuition: Work & Travel in Berlin, Frankfurt, Luxembourg, Milano, Paris

Saturday, 26. May 2018

Zero Resistance to Change

Deal with complication, make better strategic decisions

Bite your lip, and take a trip 1

Strategic Intuition

The way ahead | King’s Counsel

Start unlearning all the wrong ideas. Expert intuition looks at similar situations, strategic intuition goes beyond the instruments of knowledge. Also: Strategy, tactics and logistics.

  1. Examples from history (first-rate influences)
  2. Presence of mind
  3. Coup d’oeil (select and combine the right examples)
  4. Resolution
Expertise | works for known situations

Problem solving combinations.

  • Expert Advice
    • Expertise
    • Expert Advisor
    • Expert Counselor
    • Expert Consultant
      • Snap Advice
      • Snap Judgment
  • Expert Intuition
    • Snap Judgment (jump to a conclusion when you recognize something familiar)
Strategy | works for new situations when things can’t be known

The field of strategy. Education. Intelligent memory. Look everywhere. Nothing is new. Information to be reorganised. Right combination: combine existing elements in a new, better way. Connect experiences → synthesize.

  • Strategic Advice
    • Strategist (Carl Von Clausewitz, Winston Churchill)
    • Strategy Advice
    • Strategy Advisor
    • Strategy Counselor
    • Strategy Consultant
  • Strategic Analysis
  • Strategic Intuition (Intuition Strategy, Presence of Mind, Sublimation, Systematic Intuition)
    • Judgement (Good Judgement)
    • Strategic Decisions (Strategic Decision Making)
    • Antizipative Intuition, Früherkennung, Vermutung (“Educated Guess”), Vorausschau, Könnerschaft
  • Strategic Formulation
  • Strategic Planning
    • Digital Strategy, Internet Strategy, Internet-Strategy, Web-Strategy (Digital Strategist, Internet Strategist, Web Strategist)
Strategy | brief summary

Put a unique combination of information into a winning formula. Right combination for specific circumstances. That’s it.

Available for hire

Thomas Winterstetter, Solo Consultant · Senior Lead Consultant

To fight the tiger, you must be real quick. But to fight the elephant, you must be precise and patient. What can I help you with? Professional problem solver: direction & guidance to organizations, corporate clients and individuals as independent adviser, backup, and proven closer.


Advisory Fee

Value-based pricing. Independent, fee-based, fee-only work. I charge clients a flat rate or a week rate or work on retainer. Professional courtesies. Repeat customers. Face to face & rush orders possible. Price plus taxes (value-added tax) where applicable.

Work & Travel

Berlin, Frankfurt, Luxembourg, Milano, Paris

Advisor, solo practitioner counsel, freelance solo consultant. English, french, german, italian speaker based in Germany (Europe). Service-area business (backup & consultations): Berlin, Frankfurt, Luxembourg, Milano, Paris — Work & Travel.

Work & Travel in Europe

Antwerpen, Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels (Bruxelles), Cologne (Köln), Düsseldorf, Davos, Esch (Alzette, Belval), Forte dei Marmi (Versilia), Frankfurt, Genève, Luxembourg City (Ville de Luxembourg), Milano (Mailand), Paris, Prague, The Hague (Den Haag), Zürich. Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands (Nederland, Niederlande), Switzerland (Schweiz, Suisse)

Line of business, industry & professional field

Agency, appraiser, entrepreneur, experts & specialists, freelancer, manager, professional services & solutions

Agence, Audience, Bureaux d’Expertise, Conseil des Sages; Allrounder, Full-Spectrum, Full Stack; Attorney at Law, Avocat a la Cour; Branding (Personal Branding, Self-Branding, Self Presentation & Impression Management, Self Disclosure); Les Clefs d’Or Concierge (Head Concierge); Consulting Director; Customer Success; Dentist, Dentiste / Orthodontist, Orthodontiste; Director; Entrepreneur; Innovator, Partner, Principal; Engagement; Fintech Innovator; Growth Marketing; Head of Performance; High Flyers (High-Flyers); High Value; Innovation Consultant; Marketing Partnerships; Middle Man; Niche; Online Marketing Communications; Personal Financial Advisors; Perspective; Priority; Professional Website; Program; Real Estate Agent; Strategic Recruitment; Strategist; Talent Acquisition Strategist; Tax Advisor; Top Performers; Travel Design; Vip.

What is your competence?

I work as an independent advisor, consultant, counsel, strategist.

What’s your concentration?

I admire the Renaissance Man: his expertise spans a significant number of various subject areas. I have some professional practical experience in consulting, fashion & design, furniture & design, management, relationships, reputation & communications, distribution & sales, web design & development. Professional online communications & web strategy since 1996.

In a nutshell

I myself know nothing, except just a little, enough to extract an argument from another man who is wise and to receive it fairly. 2

I can only speak of myself and the things I have come about. Mistakes I have made, lessons learned, methods & tools that have helped me out. Keeping my focus tight when everything looks pretty clear-cut until it doesn’t.

Getting real


Shallow men believe in luck or in circumstance. Strong men believe in cause and effect. I shouldn’t have no attitude if I’m living good.


Anyone who holds a true opinion without understanding is like a blind man on the right road. 3


Each of these private teachers who work for pay … inculcates nothing else than these opinions of the multitude which they opine when they are assembled and calls this knowledge wisdom. 4


For me, knowledge is happiness for me. If I learn something, that makes me happy. — Miles Davis 5


Take nothing less, than the second best.

Not my favourite moment

The beginning of the end.


And how is not this the most reprehensible ignorance, to think that one knows what one does not know? 6

Structure & function

There is no real difference between structure and function; they are the two sides of the same coin. If structure does not tell us anything about function, it means that we have not looked at it correctly. — Albert Szent-Györgyi 7

The perfect day

Be for real. Sing your face off. Everything delivered with class.

Why a website?

A website gives (me) information. I take decisions based upon information. Information needs to be understood in context. Thus the website must give background context about the person & people who act. I want to understand who somebody is and see their bigger picture. It helps me to decide whether I want to talk, walk & work with them.

Why do you create / make / run / start a website?

Building a website as painting a more holistic picture of someone or something is a bit of a challenge. I like being for real. 8

Why are you not on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Sorry, WhatsApp & Google Analytics?

It’s not for me, not for my clients, not for my target audience. Building relationships & reputation is about making better choices. I prefer to meet my audience face-to-face.

How do I talk to you?

Make a phone call.

Why wait?

The Right Choice.


A one-time consultation can change everything. Request a free conversation.


Thomas Winterstetter: Strategy Consultant / Consulting based near Trier & Luxembourg in Germany

Freiberuflicher Consultant / Beratungsunternehmen / Strategieberatung kurzfristig sofort einsatzbereit in Bereitschaft for hire

  • Agence, Agency, Agentur, Alternative, Atelier, Bureau, Buero, Büro, Firma, Service, Studio, Werkstatt
  • Berater finden, Beratung finden, Berater sofort gesucht, Beratung sofort gesucht, Beratungsauftrag
  • Consultant sofort finden, Consulting sofort finden, Consultant sofort gesucht, Consulting sofort gesucht, Design Consulting
    • Associate Consultant
    • Managing consultant
    • Principal consultant
    • Senior Consultant
    • Senior Lead Consultant
    • Solo Consultant
  • “Elite”, “Experte”, “Expertise”, “Fachkraft”, “Fachmann”, “Fortgeschrittener”, “Kompetenz”, “Könner”, “Professioneller”, “Profi”, “Sachkenner”, “Spezialist”
  • Familienunternehmen, Firmen, Freiberufler & Freie Berufe, Selbstständige aus und nahe Luxemburg, Trier und Umgebung: D-54329 Konz bei D-54292 Trier in Rheinland-Pfalz ist nahe L-6686 Mertert-Wasserbillig (Waasserbëlleg) & L-6743 Grevenmacher (Gréiwemaacher) in Luxembourg
  • Finden, ebenfalls Suche bzw. Suchen
  • Freelancer bzw. freie Mitarbeit sofort möglich
  • Internetagentur, außerdem Internetberatung
  • Internetstratege, Internet-Stratege, Web-Stratege
  • Konzeptberater freiberuflich
  • Pauschalpreise, preiswerte Preise
  • Sensible Angelegenheiten
  • Top, Top 5, Top 10, Top 25, Top 100
  • VIP (Very Important Person)
  • Webagentur, möglicherweise Werbeagentur: digitale Strategie (Werbestrategie) für KMU
  • Webexperte, Netzexperte

Biete Dienstleistung als freiberuflicher Berater / freiberufliche Mitarbeit (Festpreis bzw. Bezahlung nach Aufwand) kurzfristig sofort einsatzbereit in Bereitschaft in der Nähe von, lokal, nahe, regional, in der Region, in der Umgebung von

Biete Dienstleistung als freiberuflicher Berater (Festpreis, weiterhin Bezahlung nach Aufwand) kurzfristig sofort einsatzbereit in Bereitschaft for hire in Gemeinden, Bezirke & Kantone in Luxemburg

  • 2165 Lëtzebuerg, Rives de Clausen
  • 2165 Luxembourg, Luxemburg, Rives de Clausen
  • Bertrange: (Bartringen, Mamer, Strassen) La Belle Etoile & City Concorde
  • Bettembourg
  • Born
  • Capellen
  • Clerf (Clervaux)
  • Diekirch
  • Differdange
  • Dippach
  • Dudelange
  • Echternach
  • Esch-Belval: New Belval & Belval Campus in Esch-sur-Alzette
  • Ettelbruck
  • Grevenmacher
  • Hesperange
  • Kayl
  • Luxembourg-Kirchberg
  • Mamer
  • Mersch
  • Pétange
  • Rosport
  • Sanem
  • Schifflange
  • Steinsel
  • Vianden
  • Wasserbillig
  • Weiswampach (Beiler)
  • Wiltz

Biete Dienstleistung als freiberuflicher Berater (Festpreis, überdies Bezahlung nach Aufwand) kurzfristig sofort einsatzbereit in Bereitschaft for hire in Belgien (Belgique)

  • Antwerp, Antwerpen, Anvers

Available for hire in France / Frankreich

  • Paris & Clichy-sous-Bois

Biete Dienstleistung als freiberuflicher Berater (Festpreis, zudem Bezahlung nach Aufwand) kurzfristig sofort im Einsatz bereit (einsatzbereit) in Deutschland (Made in Germany)

  • Berlin
    • Potsdam
    • Wannsee
  • Hessen
    • Frankfurt am Main
    • Offenbach
    • Wiesbaden
  • Rheinland-Pfalz
    • Bitburg
    • Koblenz
    • Konz
    • Mainz
    • Prüm (Eifel)
    • Trier und Umgebung
    • Trier-Saarburg

Thomas Winterstetter, 54329 Konz, Trierer Straße 57, Germany